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Summer is Almost Over!

I feel so weird saying summer is almost over, but it is!

As a parent preparing to send the children back to school, whether as a home school or public school student, spending is key. I start searching for great deals a week or two into July, as many retailers start to clear out the summer goods and bring in the massive amounts of binders, filler paper and highlighters.

Shopping for school supplies can be a huge expense – if you let it. But many retailers, such as Staples and Office Max, offer many 1, 5 and 25 cent deals the month or so before the school year begins. Keeping an eye out for these deals can save you a ton of money, even if they have a minimum purchase requirement.

My favorite part about Staples is they offer free shipping on many items if you are a rewards member. I also consider that Walmart, while it is a hassle to shop, offers price-matching. This can save a lot of time, energy and gas when there are deals at several stores in one week. They also offer a handy shopping list for specific grades on their website Рsee image link above for more details!

I like to stock up on items that don’t go bad. I won’t grab a large supply of packaged treats for lunchboxes…but I will be sure to grab a huge supply of pens and pencils while they are on “super” sale as I like to call it! I stock up for the year, then anything that is left over I will donate to underprivileged children for the following school year. This way, my kiddos get to pick out their favorites every year (new binders with favorite characters, etc) and learn to help others in the mean time! Sure, filler paper and other items can last in my home for years and years if my supply is large enough, but it is good to take the opportunity to donate as well!

For deals from the Staples Back To School Center, I suggest taking a peek at their weekly ad for your area in the next few weeks.

If you bring in the Staples ad to WalMart, the cashier will price match identical items for you! Not bad!

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Knocked Up? Check Out These Cuties!

For me, part of the fun during pregnancy is a new wardrobe.

Lets face it, we can only get away with our “fat jeans” and baggy sweaters for so long! Once your belly really pops, its time to hit the mall! While I was grateful to have found some sweet deals at thrift stores and hand-me-downs from friends in my size, I also splurged on a few items that were more my style.

Just a couple generations ago, being pregnant had absolutely NO style to it! If you have seen old photos of your mother or grandmother during pregnancy, you know what I mean. Having a baby was nearly a fashion death sentence! Massive moo-moo style dresses and tops, colors that make you want to vomit…thank goodness for the mass production of todays clothing that allows us to dress stylishly on Any budget during those fabulous nine months and beyond!

So whether you have a bun in the oven yourself, or want to get a fun gift for a friend who is… check out some of these super cute t-shirt options below! I just love these! Maybe some cute preggo clothing will convince my husband to have another ;)

A little funny, a little angry, a little cute – this shirt is perfect! Reminds me a little of those raging hormones when you just want to slap the next person who touches your belly or asks if you’re pregnant!


Peeking out of the belly! I snorted with laughter upon seeing this adorable top! And for some reason I just love the little curl of hair on the baby – why does it remind me of that old restaurant Bob’s Big Boy?! ¬†Check out Cutsie Tootsy Apparel Etsy shop for many colors and styles of this side-ruched (perfect for growing bigger!) top!


Adorable, right?! I love this one because it reminds me of my husband. He watches all those weird super power television shows where people read minds, heal quickly and never seem to die. He always says “Whoa, how did they do THAT?!!” and I remind him it’s just a T.V. show! Super powers aren’t real!!…or are they…??!

All these ideas are so cute! But don’t forget you can always make your own clothes, too! Cut apart old t-shirts, bring out your stencils and t-shirt paints and go to town! And never forget the power of a great yard sale, either!

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Halloween Costume Favorites!

I swear that time is moving faster than it did when I was a child.

Back when I counted down the days until summer vacation and when it finally came, summer lasted forever…then school started and it seemed like an eternity before it was time for the holidays!

But these days, it feels like weeks or month can go by in the blink of an eye. I feel like summer just started, now we are already decorating our home for Halloween and making plans for Christmas vacation!

I know Halloween is not until the end of this month, but I will probably take a nap to rest my tired eyes and wake up to find out that Halloween is tomorrow. So, in the honor of anti-procrastination, I thought I would share some of my favorite costume ideas with you. Yes, I know that some of my favorites are for babies…which my kiddos are not anymore…but I had to show these adorable ideas with you!

This is by far on of the cutest infant ideas I have ever seen. I think it would be especially funny if the mom or dad dressed as a hotdog or other movie night snacks. The instructions can be found at This Place Is Now a Home.



Image Source:

I just fell in love with this little girl when I saw her costume. I think her beautiful big blue eyes really make this costume truly look like a legitimate Cabbage Patch Kid. I would love to see it done looking like the doll I had when I was a child – with a poofy, frilly, pink dress and some Mary Jane style shoes…and a birth certificate to complete the look!



Image Source:

Macaroni and Cheese is a staple food item in our home, so this costume gave me a good laugh… not to mention that we go through a TON of toilet paper, as does any household with young kiddos, so it would not take long for us to save to make this up-cycled toilet paper tube creation!



Image Source:

An Oompa Loompa! I get that this little one is the most adorable Oompa Loompa ever seen, but my reason for loving it might be a little on the mean side. My sister is deathly afraid of the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As a kid, she would run out of the room screaming whenever they would appear during the movie. To this day, when we watch the movie with our own children, I still see her turn her head or close her eyes! So for me, this would make for a perfectly scary costume for one of my kids this Halloween when we meet up with her family to Trick or Treat! Mean, yes…but it is Halloween, after all!

More Halloween ideas coming soon… thanks for reading!

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Exploding Science Projects for Kids!

I remember my childhood and all those boring science videos and books. I never had fun with science until there was a hands on project that I got to be a part of. Things that “exploded” were always the most fun!

So today I wanted to share a couple fun “exploding” science projects to keep your kids entertained while learning how things work at the same time. These are great outdoor or, if you wish, in the kitchen summer projects! Follow the links to some great, easy to use tutorials for these fun projects!


A fun volcano project, with a tutorial done in a bathtub that comes complete with fun jungle style painting!

I don’t know of a kid that would not love this balloon explosion project! Just a few simple ingredients will lead to hours of fun with this tutorial.

This tutorial is a great lesson in science. The kiddos mix specific ingredients to see which one will make the greatest eruption. Ingredients used are ones you most likely have already in your pantry, allowing your kiddos to be up and running their own experiments in no time!

Lastly is a great tutorial for film canister rockets. We used to make these all the time as kids for hours of play time and lots of laughing.

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A Showerhead for the Little Ones

Being a parent can be difficult during bath time.

The kids are too small to really get any effect out of the shower head so we resort to dumping buckets of water on them to get the soap off. Once they get a little older, we give them more privacy, but they come out of the shower with soapy heads. So we get that bucket out again or try to shoot them with the handheld sprayer that they couldn’t reach, all the while soaking ourselves to the point of no return except a fresh outfit.

Well, the “shower people” finally came up with an amazing solution.

This product, called the Rinse Ace My Own Shower, easily mounts to the shower head with attachment. It can be easily reached by the kiddos allowing them to take a shower easily at Their height. It also easily detaches when it is time for adults to shower. It also comes in a fun, cartoon-y design making bath time more fun… and when the kids are having more fun, so are we!

This can be purchased at several retailers, including Bed Bath and Beyond, for about $15. Don’t forget your 20% off coupon for extra savings!

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Baby Shower Gifts

I am often asked for ideas on gifts for baby showers.

Showers of any kind are difficult, especially if the shower is for someone you are just an acquaintance of. We tend to spend more if the shower is being held for a sibling or close friend, so the gifts are generous. But what do you do when you just do not have the budget to buy a pricey gift, or you just do not know they person well enough to justify an expensive item?

There are so many creative ideas for easily creating themed gifts or specific gift baskets. If you are in to couponing, you probably have a million tiny or sample sized bottles of baby lotions and potions around the house to fill up a basket. If not, try hitting up the travel section for small sized items. You may be able to get 6 different lotions for $6 versus spending $6 or more for just one large bottle. This instantly helps you when trying to make your gift “appear” bigger. It also helps in creating a tiny, baby sized gift. Everything tiny is cute at showers!

Want some other gift ideas? Check out a few of my favorites!

These numbered onesies are adorable and make for a fabulous gift. While onesies can be extremely pricey, consider purchasing bulk packs if you have multiple upcoming showers. Another option is to hit up your local dollar store – I regularly see plain onesies at mine. While they are not the greatest of quality, remember it doesn’t really matter as the baby will most likely outgrow these outfits before ever wearing it out!

This diaper cake is by far one of the most elegant I have ever seen. I love all the little details from the cake topper to the leaves under each layer. Green is a great uni-sex color for couples who have yet to find out the sex of the baby, or those who are having twins. If the shower has a theme itself, think about using colors from the invitation… or use your typical pink or blue. Either way, this diaper cake is sure to get some attention and the mom- to- be will be thrilled!

Going to a co- ed shower, need a gift for a daddy- to- be or just want to make the new mom laugh? This Doody Kit is hilarious! Follow the source link for information on all the goodies enclosed in this kit and more instructions on how to create it!

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