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Summer Snack for the Kiddos

on June 21, 2013

Now that summer is here and the kiddos are playing outdoors, they are sure to work up an appetite!

For that reason, I like to have healthy and enjoyable snacks ready and waiting for my kids and their friends. I am a firm believer in the idea that eating healthy is something we need to teach our children at a young age to help them make healthy choices as adults!

Because it seems everyone is allergic to something these days, I try my best to stick with fruits and veggies. Making them into fun shapes encourages the kids to eat them. As a kid, I always Hated raisins and celery, but as soon as someone gave me “Ants on a Log” (see Blissfully Domestic for details if you don’t know!), I was game!

Occasionally I will make oatmeal cookies, but I stick to a low-sugar, healthy recipe like this one from Life is Made and substitute eggs for applesauce. Adding in Craisins always goes over better than raisins at my house, so I do a 50/50 mixture when making these cookies.

Need some more healthy summer snack ideas for your kiddos?

String Cheese
Apple Slices
Homemade Fruit Juice Popsicles (a fun kitchen project idea as well!)
Finger Sandwiches
Dried Fruit
Carrot Sticks
Seasonal Fruits
Cheese and Crackers
Plain Popcorn
Rice Cakes
Meat and Cheese Roll-ups

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