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Back to School Budget – For Your Kiddos

on June 22, 2013

Today I wanted to talk a little about back to school budgets.

My children have many friends who are Not from home school families, through sports and other activities. Those children always have their new shoes, new clothes and new binders every fall. While I used to feel it was not necessary for my children to have those new items specifically in the fall (I would just shop as needed), I felt my kids were uncomfortable being around the other children.



We are not, by any means, a materialistic family, but I hate to see my kiddos left out of conversations with their friends as they discuss their new back to school fashion. I like to see my kids fit in with the “regular school” children as much as possible!

So far that reason, I started a back to school budget for each child. With that money, they get to buy their own new clothing or supplies as they see fit. Should they choose to hold off for after school-year specials and purchase a bunch of new items or buy just a couple new things, I do not judge. So long as they are aware that this is the budget they get for the school year. Any other clothing is given as needed during growth spurts or special outfits for birthdays and other occasions.

Considering the prices out there for clothing lately (it seems as if a pair of shoes for $40 is actually a bargain!), we have a hard time coming up with a realistic budget. Jewelry, shoes, jeans and binders are all so expensive. Some are not even necessary, but again, I want my kids to feel good next to other kids! I feel I could have gone with $150 per child, but I also want to set an amount that makes our kids think before spending. Good sales and thrift stores are all options!

I finally decided to go with $80 for back to school supplies and a $10 allowance per week depending on the chores they complete around the house.

What do you think? Is this too high? Too low? Just right?

I would love to hear your opinions and your own back to school budget ideas!

If you are looking fun way to explain money and saving, use budget worksheets for your kiddos! Visit for printable worksheets. Also visit image source for more ideas on how to teach your kids about money.

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