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Fourth of July Food and Activities

on June 25, 2013

Fourth of July has been my favorite holiday since I was a little kid.

While people say that the Christmas season is full of magic, I guess I always felt the magic in a warm summer night with the “ooo’s and aaah’s” coming from crowds of families enjoying the fireworks. When we were younger, we would go to the county fair to see the exploding lights in the sky, but when we got older, my dad would let us climb on the roof of the house so we could see the lights from four or so surrounding cities.

As a parent now, I enjoy making my children experience that same rush of excitement. In the afternoon, we host a big potluck with family and friends at our home. We dress in red, white and blue, have games and prizes and enjoy the summer weather. In the evening, we all take a drive to a nearby fireworks event, and we have sparklers to light after the fireworks come to an end. To end the night, we head back to the house and light up the fire pit in our back yard to make s’mores before bed time – sometimes setting up the tent to camp out in the back yard.

So what are some fun foods and games for the big event? Try out some of our favorites below!

It is not a summer BBQ without a good potato sack race! We hand out prizes for winners in different age groups – even the adults get involved with this game! Our prizes are not expensive, maybe a pair of patriotic sunglasses or a small toy. We often get our prizes from Oriental Trading, the same place we purchased out potato sacks. They have a dozen for less than $15, as shown in image above. What a bargain!



My husband refuses to participate in any holiday or event that does not serve deviled eggs. I am kidding, of course, but he really does love his deviled eggs! His favorite recipe is one I found by Emeril Lagasse, which I found on It has a little extra spice than your traditional or classic deviled egg and is worth trying out. Just remember to keep the eggs in the cooler so you don’t poison your guests with bad mayo!



If your grill is full of other foods, or you are planning not to light it up this year, try a quick and easy pulled pork recipe! I like to make pulled pork sandwiches for tail gate parties where grills are not allowed. It is Extremely cheap to make so if you are having a lot of guests or just need a quick and cheap recipe, this is the one! Let it sit in the slow cooker while you are preparing everything else. I only use this recipe from as I have gotten great compliments and it is SO easy!

Need some more ideas of food to serve for your Fourth of July gathering?

Corn on the Cob
Potato Salad
Chips and Dip
Veggies with Ranch Dip
Pork and Beans
Hot Dogs
Fruit Salad
Cucumber Salad (one of my favorites!)
Pie or Cake with Ice Cream
S’mores or Marshmallows

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