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Summer Reading

on June 25, 2013

Summer reading is an extremely important activity for children and should be encouraged in every household.

You see, your kiddos are busy learning for nine or so months out of the year with school work. Their little brains are Constantly growing as they learn all the required materials for their grade level. But once summer time rolls around, parents and children alike are ready for a break!

Taking a two month break from giving our brains a workout is like not going to the gym for two months. Our bodies start to get flabby and start working against us – they forget the they are supposed to be strong and fit! Your child (and you!) need to constantly challenge your brain – make it work so it keeps on keepin’ on!

The other benefit in continuing to challenge your child is when the fall comes, your child will be that much more ready to go. If you keep discussing the things they learned in school over the summer, they are more likely to remember it when it comes time to learn those same subjects again!

Reading in the summer does NOT have to be a chore. Set aside an hour or so a day (I choose the hours with a peak UV Index outdoors because I don’t want them in the sun during that time anyway!) for reading time. The child get to pick any book they want to read so long as it is age appropriate (I did have one of my kiddos challenge me by picking out a book that was WAY too easy a read for her grade level!) and encourage them to keep track of how many pages they read a day.

There are many programs, both local and national, that encourage your children to read during the summer. The best way for you to find one in your community is by skimming your local Parks and Rec guides or doing an internet search for “Summer Reading Programs near _____”.

You can also visit the links below for national programs that give prizes like free books or pizza when your child reads a certain number of books.






Often times, public schools will give a list of books they want the kids to read during the summer in preparation of the upcoming school year. If you are a home school parent, you may be able to get your hands on one of these lists from the school district or a family friend with the same age kid. If not, check out these links to lists that will help you choose books for your kiddos.

ALA 2013 Notable Children’s Books

Oprah’s Kids’ Reading List Summer Reading

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