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Baby Shower Gifts

on July 15, 2013

I am often asked for ideas on gifts for baby showers.

Showers of any kind are difficult, especially if the shower is for someone you are just an acquaintance of. We tend to spend more if the shower is being held for a sibling or close friend, so the gifts are generous. But what do you do when you just do not have the budget to buy a pricey gift, or you just do not know they person well enough to justify an expensive item?

There are so many creative ideas for easily creating themed gifts or specific gift baskets. If you are in to couponing, you probably have a million tiny or sample sized bottles of baby lotions and potions around the house to fill up a basket. If not, try hitting up the travel section for small sized items. You may be able to get 6 different lotions for $6 versus spending $6 or more for just one large bottle. This instantly helps you when trying to make your gift “appear” bigger. It also helps in creating a tiny, baby sized gift. Everything tiny is cute at showers!

Want some other gift ideas? Check out a few of my favorites!

These numbered onesies are adorable and make for a fabulous gift. While onesies can be extremely pricey, consider purchasing bulk packs if you have multiple upcoming showers. Another option is to hit up your local dollar store – I regularly see plain onesies at mine. While they are not the greatest of quality, remember it doesn’t really matter as the baby will most likely outgrow these outfits before ever wearing it out!

This diaper cake is by far one of the most elegant I have ever seen. I love all the little details from the cake topper to the leaves under each layer. Green is a great uni-sex color for couples who have yet to find out the sex of the baby, or those who are having twins. If the shower has a theme itself, think about using colors from the invitation… or use your typical pink or blue. Either way, this diaper cake is sure to get some attention and the mom- to- be will be thrilled!

Going to a co- ed shower, need a gift for a daddy- to- be or just want to make the new mom laugh? This Doody Kit is hilarious! Follow the source link for information on all the goodies enclosed in this kit and more instructions on how to create it!

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