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A Showerhead for the Little Ones

on July 24, 2013

Being a parent can be difficult during bath time.

The kids are too small to really get any effect out of the shower head so we resort to dumping buckets of water on them to get the soap off. Once they get a little older, we give them more privacy, but they come out of the shower with soapy heads. So we get that bucket out again or try to shoot them with the handheld sprayer that they couldn’t reach, all the while soaking ourselves to the point of no return except a fresh outfit.

Well, the “shower people” finally came up with an amazing solution.

This product, called the Rinse Ace My Own Shower, easily mounts to the shower head with attachment. It can be easily reached by the kiddos allowing them to take a shower easily at Their height. It also easily detaches when it is time for adults to shower. It also comes in a fun, cartoon-y design making bath time more fun… and when the kids are having more fun, so are we!

This can be purchased at several retailers, including Bed Bath and Beyond, for about $15. Don’t forget your 20% off coupon for extra savings!

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