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Exploding Science Projects for Kids!

on August 5, 2013

I remember my childhood and all those boring science videos and books. I never had fun with science until there was a hands on project that I got to be a part of. Things that “exploded” were always the most fun!

So today I wanted to share a couple fun “exploding” science projects to keep your kids entertained while learning how things work at the same time. These are great outdoor or, if you wish, in the kitchen summer projects! Follow the links to some great, easy to use tutorials for these fun projects!


A fun volcano project, with a tutorial done in a bathtub that comes complete with fun jungle style painting!

I don’t know of a kid that would not love this balloon explosion project! Just a few simple ingredients will lead to hours of fun with this tutorial.

This tutorial is a great lesson in science. The kiddos mix specific ingredients to see which one will make the greatest eruption. Ingredients used are ones you most likely have already in your pantry, allowing your kiddos to be up and running their own experiments in no time!

Lastly is a great tutorial for film canister rockets. We used to make these all the time as kids for hours of play time and lots of laughing.

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