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Knocked Up? Check Out These Cuties!

on July 2, 2014

For me, part of the fun during pregnancy is a new wardrobe.

Lets face it, we can only get away with our “fat jeans” and baggy sweaters for so long! Once your belly really pops, its time to hit the mall! While I was grateful to have found some sweet deals at thrift stores and hand-me-downs from friends in my size, I also splurged on a few items that were more my style.

Just a couple generations ago, being pregnant had absolutely NO style to it! If you have seen old photos of your mother or grandmother during pregnancy, you know what I mean. Having a baby was nearly a fashion death sentence! Massive moo-moo style dresses and tops, colors that make you want to vomit…thank goodness for the mass production of todays clothing that allows us to dress stylishly on Any budget during those fabulous nine months and beyond!

So whether you have a bun in the oven yourself, or want to get a fun gift for a friend who is… check out some of these super cute t-shirt options below! I just love these! Maybe some cute preggo clothing will convince my husband to have another ;)

A little funny, a little angry, a little cute – this shirt is perfect! Reminds me a little of those raging hormones when you just want to slap the next person who touches your belly or asks if you’re pregnant!


Peeking out of the belly! I snorted with laughter upon seeing this adorable top! And for some reason I just love the little curl of hair on the baby – why does it remind me of that old restaurant Bob’s Big Boy?! ┬áCheck out Cutsie Tootsy Apparel Etsy shop for many colors and styles of this side-ruched (perfect for growing bigger!) top!


Adorable, right?! I love this one because it reminds me of my husband. He watches all those weird super power television shows where people read minds, heal quickly and never seem to die. He always says “Whoa, how did they do THAT?!!” and I remind him it’s just a T.V. show! Super powers aren’t real!!…or are they…??!

All these ideas are so cute! But don’t forget you can always make your own clothes, too! Cut apart old t-shirts, bring out your stencils and t-shirt paints and go to town! And never forget the power of a great yard sale, either!

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