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Summer is Almost Over!

on July 19, 2014

I feel so weird saying summer is almost over, but it is!

As a parent preparing to send the children back to school, whether as a home school or public school student, spending is key. I start searching for great deals a week or two into July, as many retailers start to clear out the summer goods and bring in the massive amounts of binders, filler paper and highlighters.

Shopping for school supplies can be a huge expense – if you let it. But many retailers, such as Staples and Office Max, offer many 1, 5 and 25 cent deals the month or so before the school year begins. Keeping an eye out for these deals can save you a ton of money, even if they have a minimum purchase requirement.

My favorite part about Staples is they offer free shipping on many items if you are a rewards member. I also consider that Walmart, while it is a hassle to shop, offers price-matching. This can save a lot of time, energy and gas when there are deals at several stores in one week. They also offer a handy shopping list for specific grades on their website Рsee image link above for more details!

I like to stock up on items that don’t go bad. I won’t grab a large supply of packaged treats for lunchboxes…but I will be sure to grab a huge supply of pens and pencils while they are on “super” sale as I like to call it! I stock up for the year, then anything that is left over I will donate to underprivileged children for the following school year. This way, my kiddos get to pick out their favorites every year (new binders with favorite characters, etc) and learn to help others in the mean time! Sure, filler paper and other items can last in my home for years and years if my supply is large enough, but it is good to take the opportunity to donate as well!

For deals from the Staples Back To School Center, I suggest taking a peek at their weekly ad for your area in the next few weeks.

If you bring in the Staples ad to WalMart, the cashier will price match identical items for you! Not bad!

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